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Studio Fitness is a private personal training studio. Our facility offers an experience like no other personal fitness club. At Studio Fitness you will be exposed to one-on-one personal training in a small private setting.

Our main focus is to get to know each client and work with them on 3 of the most important aspects of life: Mind, Body and Spirit.

Studio Fitness LLC
2900 Central Avenue Suite 110
Homewood, AL 35209

Testimonials and Personal Experiences:

-When I found out I was pregnant, Haley and the Studio Fitness Family helped me maintain my fitness level during my pregnancy when my workout regimen was restricted by my doctor. She motivated me and helped instill a healthy and positive sense of self and body image for me. I will continue to workout with Haley during the rest of my pregnancy and after my pregnancy to help me lose my pregnancy weight. -Jacqueline

-I started at Studio Fitness because my wedding was coming up and needed a "fix" to look my best on the big day.  That was close to 3 years ago and I am still doing boxing bootcamp as many times a week as I can.  It has become more of a healthy lifestyle than a quick solution-they even help out with nutrition which is a plus!  I am so thankful for the group at Studio Fitness and their dedication to their clients." -Cameron

-I have been going to Haley for over 8 years. I am still pushed and sore after every workout. I love that every class is different and you never know what you are going to get each day except that you will get a great workout. She makes it fun and helps keep you motivated to reach whatever goals you are striving for each day. It’s not just a workout to her.  She is always putting out recipes for healthy meals and telling you healthy options for when you go out to eat. When I became pregnant she helped me make modifications so I could still keep doing the group workouts. My recovery was so much easier than I expected and I 100% believe it was because of her workouts.  -Katherine 

-I recently moved from Dallas to Birmingham and was looking for a fun and motivating workout to prepare for summer. I have had friends who have seen amazing results from the Studio Fitness boot camp classes, so I thought I'd try them out. Now I'm addicted! Each workout is unique and challenging, but everyone always has a smile on their face. I feel stronger than I have in a long time. This is by far the best workout around! -Jane Barnett

-When I first found out I was pregnant, I went straight to Haley. I trust her and know she is an expert in making delivery easy on my body and will help me bounce right back after the baby. Haley, the staff at Studio Fitness and her Fit-Pregnancy Workouts kept me moving, gave me great modifications, and pushed me during my pregnancy! I have trusted Studio Fitness and Fit-Workouts for over 3 years and will continue to use them during and after my pregnancy. -Mary Paige